Three Bears - Minimailist illustration

  • I've been trying to experiment ways to minimalize the storytelling into parts that are designed in a way for you to figure out with less detail and representation.

    All feedbacks are welcomed.

  • Overall, I'm really loving the composition. The cropping and perspective are unusual. It's not expected, but it still works- great job! The only thing that I feel is not quite working is the picture on the wall. That seems like a secondary addition to the story, letting us know that it's the bear's bedroom- but it's so visually strong, that it's competing with the main elements of the story. My eye gets stuck there, and I can't flow through the image very well. I'd recommend de-emphasizing it some how. Maybe move it out of the center of the composition, soften the edges of the silhouettes, compress the values, perhaps add a few more pictures . I'm sure there's many different ways to do this. You might be able to just leave out the picture all together, if you are going for a minimalist approach. I think most people, at least in western cultures are so familiar the Goldilocks story, and I think the bears and the beds are enough information for the story to read.

    Anyway- just my 2 cents!

  • I really like the composition. I was thinking maybe you can mess up the sheets or show that the picture has fallen. I say that because I feel like showing their room in disarray enforces that there is an intruder. Maybe even show the porridge spilled on the bed.
    I'm not sure if that's too much since you want a minimalist approach.

  • I love that you have brought so much of the story in with such simplicity. Like the difference between Papa and Mama bears beds (hard and soft). It really adds without getting in the way.

    The one thing I would say is you might want to push the values a little further apart for objects that are really close to each other. When I squint it down, I lose details like the door handle and Papa and Mama's beds blend into each other.

    With so little in the picture, you want to make sure everything stands out.

    Just my 2 cents. Nice work.

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