September prompt: feedback

  • I would love some feedback from you all.
    I had a few ideas but have settled on this. They’re all learning about space at school and our girl character brings in a giant moon. I like the idea of the impossibility of her floating by the playground on it, but I think it would be easier to get across expressions on the kids faces with the moon being in the classroom. I might do a few more thumbnails yet.

  • I like the thumbnails with the girl on the moon outside the window. But, it could be harder to communicate that she is sitting on the moon since the shape isn't fully defined. (2nd row, 3rd over, and furthest to the right)
    I also like the composition of the first on the left (blue). I wonder how she got it through the door? haha

  • @kanari-illust thank you Kanari, I think you are right, it’s not so obvious that it’s a moon. The partial moon would have to really shout moon at you, maybe with craters or a moon like glow or some stars hanging around. Or perhaps the bottom point of the crescent could be visible.
    Also I’m glad you pointed out about the first one with the door. Originally I thought she could be getting the impossibly sized moon out of her bag, Mary Poppins style, but I didn’t feel this would work with the composition. I should just give it a shot.
    I think I’ll do some more thumbnails.
    Thanks again

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