September Prompt Piece

  • Hey all. This is a different image entirely from the other one I was working on so I thought I'd post it separately. This was something my kids had asked for just based on the September prompt they had asked for when they saw me working on the other idea. My son had asked what if she had brought a literal bucket of dinosaurs to school, so we came up with this concept.


  • Love it! The green dino is super cute and the boy has the perfect expression and gesture. I also really appreciate his "hand acting"- so good! :smiling_cat_face_with_open_mouth:

  • @jdubz Hi, I like the idea, its looking nice, one thing I see, the boy is holding the school desk, I think the desk should have one line where he is holding, like the fingers are going inside under the desk, but now the desk and the drawer are connected so it is flat. If you know what I mean. What I don't understand is the coming out of the triceratops, if he is coming also iut of the basket, the basket should be more wide (to right side)

  • The boy's expression made me chuckle.

  • @MichaelaH I think I get what you're saying. That it needs a lip on that portion of the desk running the length of the desk? I was kind of thinking originally that his hand would just be scrambling against the side because he's kind of pushing himself back and the homework curve was kind of supporting the direction he was going. I'll work on that.

    On the triceratops, I see what you mean. The ripples were meant to indicate that it's REALLY squeezing out, but looking at it again they don't line up like they should. It ought to feel like it doesn't fit at all.

  • @jdubz This is cute! Your kids are good idea generators!

  • Yes they definitely are. One of these days I'll have to scan in some of the comics they've made, which are pretty hilarious.

    OK I've revised some things per Michael's comments - primarily cleaning up that dinos arm and hopefully giving the sense that the shoulder is coming up over her hand and then squeezing out. I've also cleaned up a few tangents and finalized some of the hair look and feel and a few other things. Does that feel better spatially in the bucket??


  • Haha! Kids are are awesome idea machines!

    I still think the big/little alien is the strongest compositionally. 😄

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