More inkscape and GIMP practice. Fairy in the Dark.

  • SVS OG

    I started out playing with stars in inkscape. It turned out into black shapes on dark green. I cut and pasted and rotated them in GIMP and drew a fairy on my touchscreen, filled with a bucket fill and then painted roughly over the parts. I played with a lot of filters and ended up wth some shadow and light stuff. Drop shadows and a couple different light ones which I can't remember now. I should probably write down the ones I know. It's not great, but I'm learning. Hoping t keep a hmemade looking style as that is what I like. I would have liked to make the wings more transparent. I need to figure out how to change teh opacity on just a portion of a drwing still. Thank goodness for google. Maybe next time.


    BTW, feel free to give me some tips or even "assignments" to try if you like.

    Anyone out there who can't afford, or doesn't want to pay for expensive digital programs, these are really pretty good. I found the Inkscape tutorials I like at TJ FREE Inkscape tutorials on youtube. They are nice for beginners like me. The lessons are not too long and give you enough to play around a while until you're ready for the next one.

    Time to get off my butt and move a little! Good night!

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