Does any of you sell prints of your artwork? I have a question about this

  • Hi, I was wondering if anyone does that?
    For my paintings, that are more fine art, I have a photograph made by a specialist and he makes the prints, museum quality, but this is very expensive for me, and worth it financially only if I sell a certain amount of prints (which I don't right now)
    So I would like to sell cheaper prints, maybe even sell through society 6. But I want to keep a good visual quality and I guess the photo of the artwork is crucial for that.
    So my question is: do you make the photo yourself? I have a SLR camera, decent quality. I wonder if it's enough to make good quality prints?
    I guess the lighting has to be optimal... any tips on that as well?

  • SVS OG

    This seems to be a solid video to start with:

  • thanks! I never think to look on youtube actually

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