Just updated my website and...

  • Oh my gosh, my style is all over the place! I've always loved to try out different looks, but now switching styles has become a PART OF ME. But gee, I wonder if this will going to deter an agent...Have a look if I've got you curious.


    On that note, if anyone knows of any agents that might fit my genre of art, please oh please let me know.

  • @Perrij

    Hey there, first off your work makes me laugh, itโ€™s a lot of fun and a lot of exciting adventures. Style wise I like your personal work with the woman being bathed or water pouring down on her from that sweet guy.

    Art genre pulls me towards comics and graphic novels for the reasons I have already expressed, esp the work with stronger lines. Yeah I just really enjoyed looking briefly through your work, I will have to return and watch your animations.


  • @Heather-Boyd Thanks for the thoughtful comment, Heather! I appreciate it. Only trouble is, I don't want to do graphic novels!!! I guess I'm going to need to build up some portfolio pieces with a style that is more suited to children's books..How many do you think I would need? I'd like to find an agent sooner rather than later...

  • @Perrij 10-12 strong pieces executed in a single style or 16-20 in 2 distinctly different styles.I think you can build off of your Lazy Lizzy project, that seems appropriate for the children's market the rest of your work heavily features young adults and adults which may be why it's reading more as a graphic novel portfolio than a kid lit one. Try adding new pieces featuring more babies, kids, and animal characters and pick a single style of rendering you like to show that you can be consistent. You have great work, the characters are really fun and the animations are great.

  • @StudioLooong Thank you, thank you Taylor! This gives me some real direction. I will work on this and hopefully have enough portfolio pieces to submit to an agent very soon

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