Roasted Garlic Spell!

  • This piece was originally done for inktober where I combine roasted and spell.

    At the time I was also getting into cooking and I discovered how delicious roasted garlic was. I was obsessed with it, to a point that I added roasted garlic on every dish. I figured why not draw a little garlic being roasted, then I was thinking about how I'm going to show it being roasted that it wasn't boring.

    Like most people I was already missed a couple of days, so I had a couple of themes that I could use to combine to make it more interesting. That's where I end up going with spell and show what happens when a spell goes wrong.

    That's pretty much how I got the idea for this piece. Would love to hear any feedback or critiques that you guys may have. I really appreciated. Thanks again! šŸ™‚

    Roasted_Spell #2.jpg

    Lines(low).jpg Garlic(LowLine).jpg




  • Backfire...but it is for the best. Roast garlic is indeed delish! Love the concept and the execution.

  • Really cute, love it and to see the process

  • @kadelex Thanks a bunch, glad you like it! One of these days I'll have a tattoo of roasted garlic close to my heart

    @MichaelaH Thank you!! I'll try to save up more steps for next time.

  • Love the design and concept and thanks for showing your process. I wonder if a bit more warm bounce light from the flames might help push the final piece a little more, but it's still a great piece to look at.

    Speaking of garlic, have you tried black garlic? Never thought I would want to eat almost a whole garlic by itself, but oh my... lol

  • @Gary-Wilkinson Yeah I didn't even think about that, I could definitely do that with an overlay layer on top. Thanks!

    I haven't tried black garlic, I did have a clove of burnt garlic that was black which it tasted awful. It was a taste of armpit sweat with chili powder. I'll keep my eye out for black garlic, or any other color ones that I missed.

  • @Jorge-Valentin I like the final rendering. Very creative concept!

  • @Tom-Shannon Thanks bro!! I just went thru your work on Instagram is fuckin' awesome man, love that watercolor paintings and linework. I'm having a hard time telling if it's digital or traditional, love how it's giving me brain damage trying to figure it out.

  • @Jorge-Valentin thank you Jorge for the kind words! Love your work!! Iā€™m very impressed indeed!!! Keep up the great work!

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