Picture Book Page Turns: "Nothing" by Jon Agee

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    I spend a lot of time dissecting picture books. Trying to understand why I love certain ones and why I'm non-plussed by others. Then I try to bring that insight to my own books.

    This is a page turn from one of my favorites "Nothing" by Jon Agee.
    Check out how he uses the slow build of sequential images on this spread . . .
    Photo on 7-29-19 at 9.08 AM.jpg

    . . . to really pay off the utter insanity of this one*.

    Photo on 7-29-19 at 9.09 AM.jpg

    *That said, I do think there is a missed opportunity here.
    Dutching the camera to shift away from the perfect 90 degree angles of this spread would have added to the overall sense of frenetic energy, and the kind of social pressure craziness that ensues for the next few pages.

    This is a super smart book. Totally worth a check out from your local library.
    Photo on 7-29-19 at 9.07 AM.jpg

  • @davidhohn This is great! I'm going to be on the look out for this on my next library visit.

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