What do your postcards look like?

  • I'm gearing up to send out some postcards (made a promise to my local kid-lit group, so now I HAVE to do it) but from what I hear the format, layout and all sorts of other stuff can differ drastically from artist to artist.

    So I'm curious! What do your postcards look like? Single sided? Double sided with an image on one side and info and such on the back (like a normal postcard)? Hand written? auto-mailed by an online entity en-masse? Personalized with calligraphic doodles? Stickers? Stuffed in a semi-clear envelope with pins and other goodies?

    Post an image if you can (or just tell me what you do, that works too)

    Thanks everyone!

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    This link is a great resource for seeing how people do it. Lots of illustrator interviews just on their postcards.

  • @Braden-Hallett Mine are a single image on one side and then on the other I have my contact info (name, website, email) on the other side and then some blank space for a hand written note. I like to personalize them for every company/art director I send them to.

  • @burvantill Oh my gosh this is exactly what I've been looking for! Thanks! SO MANY EXAMPLES 😃

    @juliekitzes Very cool, thank you! It looks like personalized is the big way to make it look less like spam 🙂

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