Improve My Dino

  • So from the Dino I shared in June Virtual Tour - I made my Dino a bit more boxy to work on cleaning up my edges and then prior to @Braden-Hallett telling me how he uses the colourise layer in Corel I gave a stab at it. I did note that greyer greens didn't show up.

    Any suggestions on how to improve him or work more on this style -I am playing around with more shapes/forms created by colour and value over line and then adding line as description rather than defining form like I have done a little with Godzilla.

    I am really happy how far he's come lols.
    Thanks guys ❤

    dino box no hide signed.jpg

  • @Heather-Boyd I really love the boxy look on your dino, and I think you've succeeded in keeping the edges clean! Also, he's adorable.

    As for improvements on this particular character:
    -Could it help to give him some context? I believe I read in your post on the Virtual Studio thread that you were planning to paint in some grass. You could always do that on a separate layer to keep from messing with the dino.
    -Is he lurking? If yes, maybe it could show in his expression a little more?

    For working more in this style:
    -I think you're doing well in what you've set out to do: using value and colour to describe form without lines. I'm wondering if you could practise this further by studying artists that you love who already do that, and then coming up with your own unique set of illustrations in this style. It could be a set of prehistoric animals, for instance.

    I hope this helps some. 🙂

  • @animatosoor

    Yeah story is ongoing thanks. Style wise thanks about the edges I tried really hard. And I will have to go back on my vision board for artists and review what I have and stay a bit more true to who I am and where I want to be.

  • @Heather-Boyd I love the boxy style. I had a couple minor things that might improve it.

    1. The line on the snout look like shadows from the nostrils. Unfortunately, the light source is from the other direction... so they shouldn't be there. (Was just bugging me.)

    2. The tail feels like something is wrong with it. I think that you tried to have it coming to his side. But it kind of looks like the perspective is off. I think I would recommend straightening it out or make it loop around more?

    I absolutely love the face and expression. Definitely do more in this style!

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