Process on work for my portfolio (ongoing)

  • @MichaelaH I love this there is so much to look at and your animals are adorable 😍

  • @NelsonYiap and @ambiirae thank You both 😌

  • Ok I am working on my portfolio and #fauxInktober Tomorrow's promt is bait and day after freeze, it started only with the grandpa, but later I thought I could do the opossite site for my portfolio (have always two sides), like the before story of little Flip. What do You think? And what about the text?
    No problem if somebody with better author (maybe @hannahmccaffery ) or english skills looks over it.

    And this was the first time little Flip talked to a human.
    β€žI am not good bait, too small, too fishy, big mouth and talking all the time.
    The other fishes donβ€˜t like me, bad bait, bad bait.β€œ
    The fisherman didnβ€˜t get to say anything before Flip started talking again:
    β€žBut I can tell you a great joke?β€œ
    β€žYou know this one?β€œ


  • @MichaelaH Hi Michaela,
    I love your facial expressions on your characters, you always capture great emotions!!
    Just so I can understand properly, do you want the two illustrations and text to be part of the same story? At the moment, the text doesn't make a lot of sense when put together, the illustrations could work together though. If your fisherman is fishing at the side of a lake/pond, maybe you could put Flip down in the bottom right corner just peeking up from the water, and he's listening to the joke the bait is telling? Then he goes on to tell Berry? That's only a suggestion anyway, your fisherman illustrations looks wonderful as it is and will work wonderfully as it's own piece.

    In terms of the text, maybe something like:

    Little Bait had to think quickly so that he could make his escape.
    "You don't want me!" he said earnestly "I'm far too small and smelly for the other fish in there, they won't want to eat me! I'm bad bait! VERY BAD BAIT!"
    etc etc then he goes on to tell the joke somehow?

    It's only a suggestion but do you see what I mean? If you're going to use both illustrations as a double page spread, then you have more room to maybe rewrite the text so that it fits with what is going on in your illustrations πŸ™‚

  • It is only beside each other, because I wanted to have tweo stories with Flip, Flip as really young fish and Flip as a big adult fish, still bla bla bla, telling joges and talking. Because in portfolio I need some illustration for both side I will put them beside each other, but it will be not like from same double page side like in book it would be.
    So the bait is the little Flip, not other fish.
    Here how far I have come, it is still not finished.
    But maybe I could write something like "Some years later" on the Berry page.
    PS thank You so much for helping me @hannahmccaffery

  • @MichaelaH Ohhh I see, sorry I thought you meant it would be a double page spread. Yes maybe you'd need to explain that it is Flip when he's younger or something as it's not very apparent at the moment πŸ™‚
    Lovely idea though πŸ™‚

  • Ok, finished...


  • Mafia in Bar...I did the sketch for this illustration for "Building Backgrounds" class in May this year, I almost forgot it. I didn't use the giraffe, because it was not connected with the rest of the characters (great critique from Ajar), and I didn't have time to connected it now. So I had this half sketch...So why not color it? I was in need of some other illustrations for the upcoming Book Fair in Frankfurt. I have to say, it was the first time, I didn't thought so much while coloring, I colored it very quickly (don't have time anymore, book fair is next week)...The light is maybe not optimal, but I did my best doing this dark scene, I think I should practise more dark scenes...

  • The illustration is really cool! I love all the characters of the animals and their subtle interactions

  • @DarleneAnico Thank You very much for Your feedback πŸ™‚

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