Sarah LuAnn Featured for June!

  • SVS Team

    The featured student for June is Sarah LuAnn Perkins! The Q&A with Sarah LuAnn (@SARAH LUANN) is up on the blog. Below is an introduction to the Q&A that Kathryn Adebayo (@KATHRYNADEBAYO) conducted with Sarah LuAnn:

    "Being an artist may be a romantic vision for many creatives, but anyone who has tried it also knows that it takes sweat and dedication. Artist Sarah LuAnn Perkins is a fantastic example of someone giving it her all, and in this interview she shares how she's striving diligently at this phase in her life. Have you ever wondered, "How will I ever finish this project that's still living in my head?" or, "When will I be good enough to take the next step?" If so, Sarah's insights may strike a chord with you."

    Read the whole Q&A on the blog.

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