Instagram Scheduling

  • @Jake-Parker I am assuming you use some kind of instagram scheduling app or something to publish to your feed at the best times.

    I was wondering what you use and how you like it?

    I am thinking about getting something along these lines...

    Anybody else feel free to chime in with what you use and/or like.

  • Pro

    @theprairiefox I have tried several, but so far the one I like best is Later. The free plan lets you schedule up to 30 post per month in one sitting, and you can also link accounts for Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest. So you can do all your social media scheduling on one platform, in one siting. There is a desktop and mobile version, I love using the desktop version because I don't have to transfer all my pictures to my phone to post them. There is also some neat additional features, like saved hashtags (so you don't have to copy them manually) and the mobile version has a grid preview. After I schedule my posts, I always hop on the mobile app just to double check what the Instagram grid will look like when all those posts are up, and sometimes I shuffle a few posts around to make the order more pleasing. Anyway, glowing recommendation from me, it's the best one I've used so far!

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