My Children's Book artwork showcase

  • Hello everyone, I'm glad to be back here to the forums with some art to show! I'm really excited since this is the first book in which I did full illustrations, it is my third one but the previous ones where characters only.

    Anyway, please let me know your thoughts, critiques and commentary are certainly welcome

    By the way I'm on the look for an agent, any advices? I've seen some of Will's videos on the subject but just wanted to hear what do you think

    Thank you all, have a nice one






  • @Jose-A-Nieto

    Hey I really like your cloud city one. Your colours are so delightful especially in the one I like.

    Just to let you know I couldn’t find your behance account when I clicked.


  • Thank you! @Heather-Boyd Yes that is my favorite one too. Just updated the link, thanks for letting me know that


  • I think its really great, you have showcased different perspectives. I am a still a newbie, but that's my first impression. I love the first one.... 🙂

  • Thank you @Geoffrey-Gordon . The first one was the picture that took the longest! It's a double spreads. About the perspective, yes I wanted to give different points of view to keep the story dynamic and fun


  • Great work! The one with the characters sitting on the wall, looking at the city, is the strongest piece. You have great use of different colors, but still maintain an overall harmony to them.

    I'm curious about the second to last piece. It takes me a second to notice the wall and the difference in the areas. Have you tried pushing the contrast between them? Possibly desaturating the colors in the walled-off portion of the city?

  • Thanks @Justin-Moss . I tried that with the 4th and 5th pieces, creating a contrast between the "nice city" and the "sadder" one, on the other two (and basically the rest of the book) I was just trying to make the characters pop-up

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