Godzilla contest creature designs

  • Really excited about this month's contest; designing creatures is one of my favorite things to draw! I'll be using this thread to post some of the designs I come up with, I'm still deciding which one I'll use in my final illustration.
    Slippery worm dude: moster1.png
    organic android thing: monster2.png

  • @jwing

    I haven’t seen the new movie so I am not sure if it’s been done before, but an aquatic creature that could pull Godzilla into (deep) water might be an cool advantage, so I like number two. But strangling him works too if it has thick skin to avoid those claws.

    🙂 Looking good.
    Edited sorry I read aquatic not android. Still like number 2. I get excited with creature designs.

  • I really like the first one, Godzilla have problems in the past with multiple heads (King Ghidorah) so can be a good enemy ...

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