2 colour illustration

  • So this may sound like a stupid question, but any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

    With regards 2 colour illustrations that have black in them, am I right assuming that black would be considered a colour and the second colour could be a specific hue with varying levels of opacity.

  • Hi @Phil-Cullen! This isn't a silly question, haha.

    To me, the phrase "2 colour illustration" conjures up images that use any two colours, black included. These are the examples I have in mind:

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    For the most part it brings to mind two-tone illustrations that are in the graphic style, which I presume is what you are referring to. In the last image, for instance, orange is the only other colour used, apart from black, and it is used in varying levels of opacity. Having said that, there are master drawings out there there were done in two different colours of chalk (say sanguine and white) on toned paper, and that made for beautiful, appealing images as well.

    Just my 2 cents' worth - I hope it helps answer your question? 🙂

  • @animatosoor Thank you for your response, that is how I saw it, I was just questioning myself 🙂

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