Photoshop freezing up....related to pen pressure?

  • Hi,
    I'm trying to do my mermay entry and suddenly realized after struggling with linework that I didn't have pen pressure turned on lol. Still so much to learn...
    Anyhow, after I did that, Photoshop seems to freeze after a few minutes. It's happened 3 times today. I am not a techie so probably doing something wrong or need a better computer .
    Any imparted wisdom highly appreciated 😜

  • @Coley

    Hi Coley, could this problem be due to low memory on your computer, or too many applications running at once? I recently cleared many of my non-art files or moved them to an external hard disk, and that helped significantly.

    Personally, I have observed over the years that my Photoshop tends to crash sometimes when clicking and dragging the eye dropper tool, so now I only use that tool in a very particular way (without dragging). Also, I “command + S” on my Mac like a crazy person every 10 minutes while painting, almost automatically these days. Hope you’re saving regularly, too!

  • My photoshop goes on the frenzy -glitches so I had to move to Corel until I work it out.

  • @animatosoor I deleted a bunch of stuff that was taking up memory today closed all apps. Still too worried to use the pen pressure atm lol so am working on the non-pen pressure related stuff first ha ha. I do need to move stuff to an external hard drive.........haven;t done it before so it;s just a mental thing on technology I need to get past.......this freezing up thing will kick my butt in gear. thanks for the reply 🙂

  • @Heather-Boyd how is Corel going? I don't think I can learn one more new thing right now lol!!!! I am swamped between photoshop and art skills learning and also a bit crazy about my dog training too so I'm juggling 5 billion things (not to mention a family!) 🙂

  • @Coley

    Corel is slow. Got my short keys for photoshop failing me in Corel lols. But I like the traditional brushes in Corel but miss my blends in photoshop.

    Today I spent the day in the hospital with my fathers mental health issues so I did very little in terms of my colour composition. Everythings been postponed to tomorrow in terms of understanding greys, colour and application paint strokes.

  • @Heather-Boyd sorry to hear about your Dad's health problems. I hope things are looking brighter soon.

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