Granny Can't Find her glasses last spread critique please!

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    I know this needs work. A bunch of trucks and the perspective still challenges me. If anyone guide me on this to help me make it better. Please do! I should pull ut my perspective book and redo it but, I still want to hear your comments. Thank you!


  • I really like the idea of a bird perspective in you drawing, since Granny is lost and the viewer gets the whole overview. But I feel like there is to much empty space. I croped it a bit to show you what I mean.
    In my opinion, Granny is now a bit more the focal point and the eyes get less distrected by to much empty space. Sadly I can't be much help with the perspective aspect of the cars,- since drawing perspective is a weekness of myself as well, but I am sure others will. 🌻

  • I feel the trucks are dominating the image. I get distracted by the little truck big truck little truck I the bottom left corner. My eyes kinda get stuck there. Value might be able to diminish that though.

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  • SVS OG

    @Sara-Hickman thank you! I was thinking it might be better to zoom in a bit and crop it. Maybe that would help? Thanks for your observations 😀!

  • Hi @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen!

    There is something really cute about the wording on that spread, coupled with the granny looking so tiny in that parking lot.

    I know you'd already mentioned referencing perspective books, but I would like to provide a link to this one - and I hope it's acceptable since it's in the public domain:

    The basic points to take note of for the angle you've picked for your picture, I believe, would be that 1) the eye level/horizon line is very high on the picture, and 2) the lines on the cars and roads must converge to eventually meet at a point on that horizon line. The book, of course, (along with other perspective books) would explain this a lot better and in much greater detail.

    Here are two spreads from the book linked above that help expand upon the two principles I'd named above:



    I hope this helps with the perspective bit! Please do post updates and we'll try and give our 2 cents. 🙂

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    Thank you! I understand the concepts but I just, for some reason, have a hard tiem visualizin git on the paper. That looks like the book I have. Love it! I was lazy and didn't get it out and was trying to do it on my own but, I don't think I'm there yet 🙂 I appreciate your comments and will definitely post again when I redo it. Thanks!

  • Whenever I have a big piece like this I start by penciling in a perspective grid like the blue one here. I marked out some areas where the outlines of the trucks get a bit off grid. Especially near the corners of the image, drawing in perspective can feel really strange. There is something in the brain that rebels against drawing something we know to be square with such acute angles. Hope this helps.

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