Anyone know anything about noir gallery. They asked me to put my stuff on their site

  • SVS OG

    Anyone been approached to the NYC based print on demand company. They said they saw my work on society6 and wanted to license my work. They also work with wayfair and homedepot and a few others places. And on their own as well. They look for real. But has anyone had any experience with them. They said I’m free to sell my work other places. I have to give them 45 days turn around to discontinue selling my work with them. I retain all rights to my work. The pay scale seems similar to all the other sites.

    Is it a compliment or a robo call? I certainly don’t have a popular following on society6, unless you count me and my friends riding tumblers and beach bags!

  • @Whitney-Simms I think if they're doing the selling and promo then its got potential. Ask them if they do an advance? And what images they want to license. Then you can see if its a generic email or they have looked at your work specifically.

  • SVS OG

    @sigross i was hoping their would be a phone number on the email, but there wasn’t. I think I’ll still reply and see if there is something specific they “liked” about my work. They attached a form and all the fine print to the letter. Which they may do for anyone with a society6 account. I think you’re right, if I can actually get a personal answer it may be good to give it a try. It didn’t look like there were any advances. Just the pay scale of commission. They don’t have skin in the game if it’s print on demand! I wonder if they have to order a set amount if it’s with the other stores, or if they are print on demand as well. Just an “online only” option for Home Depot kinda thing.

  • @Whitney-Simms I think there's a point where you need to know what work they do for the percentage they are asking for. Have you looked at their ranking on Alexa? Worth looking there to see where their markets are. Alexa is mostly paid for info now but there's still a trickle of info that's helpful.

  • SVS OG

    @sigross I looked up their alexa ranking, but I have no idea what all that means. And they say they are New York based. But it’s a .co vs a .com
    What does that mean?

  • @Whitney-Simms There isn't enough data on them for Alexa to rank them in competition with other sites in their category. Global traffic Rank - Noir Gallery 1,787,931 and Society6 rank is 6,944 and Redbubble rank is 1,584 in comparison.

    The .co is just where it's domain originates from - .co is Colombia and .com is USA

  • @Whitney-Simms like i've got .com and and .art for my domains. I like having .art as it's a business domain name rather than a location.

  • SVS OG

    @sigross okay. That makes more sense now! Thanks for the help in explaining that.

  • @Whitney-Simms sound, (scouse word for good) 🙂 no worries.

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