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  • I am somewhat new to the forum, I am wondering if there is something I can read the explains the icons and how to use it? I’m wondering how I can like someone’s post etc.
    Thank you, Sue Miller

  • @SusanMiller I don't know if there is something specific to read, but for me it has been trial and error 🙂 To like a person's image or post, look below it and to the right. There is an arrow ^ and and an arrow v. If you hit the ^ it will give an "upvote" from you. They will be able to see your name in their notifications. I know that's not much help, but maybe its a start?!

  • @suenaumi that’s very helpful, I didn’t know about the upvote. Thank you

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    @SusanMiller All the upvotes on posts in the thread are added together to give a grand total that is seen on the main forum page where it says "Votes". Using that, you can roughly determine which threads contain content that is attracting attention.

    The membership profile icon image can be changed on your forum profile. It can be reached by clicking on your profile icon in the upper right and clicking "Edit Profile" in the dropdown menu. Once there you can also change your main profile image, and find a list of all the posts you've made. By going to another user's profile, you can click on their icon to "follow" them and get a notification when they post something.

    That same dropdown menu also offers a handful of little colored dots that attach themselves to your icon image and enable you to control whether others can see if you're "here" or not.

    Immediately to the left of your profile icon on the top menu bar is a text bubble. It's a chat mechanism, and allows you to send private messages to individual members without having to create a forum thread.

    Hovering over the icons on the top left will tell you what those mean, and you can go to those particular parts of the website or control which threads you are looking for.

    There is a "group" function for the forums, but it looks like it isn't used very often. I think it's simply a way of categorizing threads again--I'm not sure, but I think anything tagged with that "group" will automatically show up in that Group's collection of threads. Interestingly, it could be a great function to corral posts specific to individual SVSLearn classes in the future if someone takes advantage of it.

    You've obviously found that tags can be used on each post to help the reader/searcher find the pertinent threads they are seeking. Using those tags in the search function or through the tag menu can help you find information from previous threads that can really be useful if you don't immediately find anyone discussing the topic you're posting about.

    Does that help at all? There really isn't a "guide"--I think most of us have figured this all out by trial and error. LOL!

  • @Coreyartus Here’s another question that has been hard for me to figure out. How do I tag a person on the forum inside my message? I know I can hit “reply” and it will tag the person I am replying to, but what if I want to tag someone who i am not replying to or a string of people in one post? I see people do this, but I cannot do it myself.

  • @JennyJones , I also have a question about that. Maybe this is different, but I posted my art for the Mermay, and someone asked me a question, I hit reply, answered it and it showed up under the next Mermay posting. I also would like to know about tagging. Thanks Jenny.

  • @Coreyartus thank you, great information.

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    @SusanMiller You can reply to a specific comment in the thread or reply to the thread as a whole.

    To reply to the thread as a whole, you just hit the big blue "reply" button at the bottom of the thread and it'll add your comment in line.

    To reply to a specific post, you click the tiny blue-colored word "reply" in the bottom right of the post itself, but it will still add your comment in line and collect all the replies in a drop down nested collection available to view by clicking on the little blue arrow on the bottom left of the post. @JennyJones that's why you're seeing what you see--your reply automatically follows the latest post in a thread, regardless of which post you've replied to, AND it's available to see if you click that tiny arrow.

    Threads make much more sense if you read the nested replies right after the initial post they're responding to, don't they? LOL! But once you get used to it, you begin to realize an "@so-and-so" means that post is probably a reply to an earlier post somewhere. Hard to follow conversations by casually scrolling through sometimes, I know.

    You can tag specific people in your reply by typing the @ symbol, and it will bring up an alphabetical list of members starting with the first letter you hit. You just scroll down to add their specific member name in the body of your message. That's how you see people reply to multiple people in a single thread--they simply typed in the @ symbol multiple times to tag multiple people.

    You can even tag specific members who haven't replied in the thread already by simply adding their member names after an @ symbol.

    Does this clear things up at all? 🙂

  • @Coreyartus The world of the forum has just opened up with giant beams of light shining down!! Much thanks.

  • How can I insert an image in my post? Maybe it's more straight forward on a computer, but I only have a phone right now. When I click the image icon it prompts me to insert a URL. . .

  • @Kuarahy There should be some symbol "arrow pointing up" for upload a picture, image icon is only for URL, I don't have svs forum on phone, so hope it still works

  • @MichaelaH thanks! I didn't see it at first because on the phone you have to scroll to the right 🙂

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