Mermaid May I Finish This One

  • I had a dream after hearing about all the flooding in Canada and I will be heading to a retreat this coming weekend in Halliburton where there has been flooding.

    I dream every night -several dreams at a time. So I dreamt of a flooded house and swimming in it (think of a half sunken ship but a house). Swimming with a friend to an island bed /resting place.

    In the back of my head a story was developing. It is about a girl whose afraid of her house flooding. (I am no where near flooded areas so I am not afraid.) She is in bed and she has a blanket that has the tail of a mermaid on it. Overnight she dreams of her house flooding but finds some new and delightful friends that want to help her.

    Now I have value thumbnails, an assortment including my dream-ish and this story and what came to me as I thumb nailed. I will make some more thumbnails this week.

    thumbnail-value mermaid.jpg

  • @Heather-Boyd this is a good start of a story. Helping friends can make such a great storytelling ❤
    Looking forward to seeing more or your illustration.
    Just reading you, it makes me think of some dreamy pics of Little Nemo in slumberland, that could be an inspiration...

  • @marine I like how my plant (watercolour and pencil crayon turned out) not certain if I can pull it off digitally.

    Thanks. I am trying to keep things simple so I will not overwhelm myself and not finish.

  • So thumbnail I have chosen to play with is 1B. I really love the intimate space in 2B but I want more of the flood and the discovery in 1B. I still may play around with whether there will be water on the bottom edge or not. That's what I have so far. 🙂

    thumbnail-value mermaid chosen.jpg

  • Cool! I like the direction your going! Its so unique! I love that there is a story behind it 🙂

  • So this morning -sketch over. I have not done any classes on characters -bear with mine lols. Do you like A or B? A having more of the bed above water or B with less bed and more water. Also anything else you can see? I have added a book and a starfish plush as objects in her bedroom -I want to keep things uncluttered. Or any other object suggestions?

    I didn't add to show the tail on the mermaid leaning on the bed because I wanted it (no gender right now) to feel more of a comfort and less distraction for the girl to talk with a friend no matter their species. It is also under the bed but on purpose.

    Thank you 🙂

    Mermaid Rough Sketch.jpg

    I additionally added corner wall -as I just completed the "Interiors" portion of CED. I am not sold on it -but it does help clarify the space. What do you think?

    Mermaid Rough Sketch new.jpg

  • I did finish this time -that's a success!
    Colour isn't a strength though I love colour -I will get there. I also hope to continue to strengthen my line work -but I kept it in a rough style so I wouldn't stress myself out.
    I really enjoy telling stories so I hope that came through -the rest I will practise. 🙂
    Thanks @marine and @Squirrel-Size for your support and encouragement.

    Mermaid Final.jpg

  • @Heather-Boyd Well done finishing it!!
    One thought, I wonder if it's clear enough that the tail is the blanket pattern? Maybe there could be some stars with the same colour spread out? Or the colour of the tail could be closer to the rest of the blanket?
    Otherwise, the story is really sweet!

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