Any SVSers in the SoCal area?

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    I was about to start an in-person critique group on MeetUp, but it cost $10/month. I'd much rather put that money toward an SVS subscription.

    I live in the Irvine area (specifically Tustin) and was wondering if there were any SVSers nearby that would like to meet in-person regularly to do critiques. I know it's a long-shot, but thought I'd try here before thinking about paying $10 a month to host a MeetUp.

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    @shinjifujioka Too bad, I'm in Nor Cal. I was JUST thinking about doing the same thing. I went to an SCBWI event yesterday and it was great meeting up with other illustrators. There were not very many of us in comparison to the writers. I have one art friend in my area that I met through SVS, and its been great. I wish you luck in finding your people. 🙂

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    I'm in San Diego, but honestly Shinji, I think you may be several (several!!) steps ahead of me... Based on your website, I'm not sure I can offer much of anything worthwhile in a critique. LOL! You need someone far more advanced and experienced than I to receive anything substantive. LOL!

    It's really nice to know there's someone else relatively close doin' the SVS thing, though! 😉

  • @shinjifujioka I'm down the road in Temecula, just having moved up from San Diego. Google says that it's 1 hour 1 min apart. Possibly a half hour drive meeting somewhere in the Riverside area could work. However, being in your neck of the woods, LA, there should be lots and lots of artists much closer but more important, closer to your advanced level, even higher to get the kind of solid critique that will be most useful to you. Have you considered reaching out to the Society of Illustrators West, to see if there would be any existing groups or interested parties? this something that might be done online with a weekly meet up by Skype or Team Viewer? I was thinking this might be a way to gain access to illustrators whose sensibility is kindred. Have just started thinking about that myself. However SO good to get out of the studio and meet in person... just musing aloud here.

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    @burvantill I'm glad you connected with someone through SVS. I agree that it's always great to meet up with other illustrators!

    @Coreyartus Thanks for the kind words 🙂 Not sure about being levels ahead of anyone, but in terms of critiques, usually any outside opinions will help me look at things a little differently. And go SoCal SVSers!

    @Glenda-Rogers You just moved out of @Coreyartus 's neck of the woods! I haven't heard of the Society of Illustrators West. I'll do some digging around. Also, online meetups via Skype is an idea I hadn't thought of...

  • @shinjifujioka Society of Illustrators West is the same organization as the Society of Illustrators in NY but its own entity. They also have an annual they put out every year, to enter work into. See some of this on their home page:

    @Coreyartus I like your work, I think it's very good and think you'd have a great eye to be able to provide feedback.

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    Hi I am in San Diego in Rancho Bernardo. I think meeting up every so often for critiques would be awesome if we can figure out a meeting spot. I have gone to SCBWI events but I feel like the SVSers have a really good working knowledge and a good foundation for better critiques.

  • @holleywilliamson That would be nice to connect. I have some thoughts and will check some things out...

  • OK, I have a great place to meet up in San Diego if anyone is interested in following up on this. My daughter has offices in the Miramar area, with a conference room, coffee maker, water cooler, etc. and plenty of free private parking right in front. She's happy to have us meet there. It would have to be a weekend.

    This is in a business area, and its private, we wouldn't be sharing work in a coffee shop etc. (Did I mention the coffee machine?) Anyway, it might be a good start. There's plenty of room to spread out too.

    Only other issue, it is on the second floor, offices open off the outside balcony, so access is by the stairs up to the balcony. If you can't do stairs, we'll see if we can trade out some downstairs space with a neighbor, but I can't guarantee it.

    Any interest?

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    That sounds like such a great setup. I'll be traveling for the next week and then have to check the car when I get back (it's starting to make clunky sounds every so often), but maybe a weekend end of month or next month? I'll ask my wife and see if that would work. She also wants to improve her illustrations.

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    I'd love to join this! MIramar is definitely within driving distance!! I love the idea of an end-of-month weekend gathering!!

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    That sounds awesome! Meeting up would give that extra motivation to get more done!

  • @shinjifujioka @Coreyartus @holleywilliamson Wonderful! (And I need that motivation too, Holley!) I think end of the month is excellent. I'm traveling too, this coming week.

    OK, so are you all thinking about Memorial Day weekend? Or are we into June 1st weekend...? Let me know your thoughts...

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    @Glenda-Rogers Either one works for me!

  • @Coreyartus @holleywilliamson @shinjifujioka Either one is fine here too. Sunday would be the preferred choice of days. Saturdays may have children's groups in the morning or early afternoons, but we'd be able to meet after them. I'll get back to you on times that would be available on Saturdays.

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    I think a Sunday would work. I should have a better idea at the end of the week.

  • @shinjifujioka
    Hi Shinji! I’ve been wanting to connect with artists in person and I live in La Mirada which isn’t too far from Tustin. I’m not very good and have only been drawing for about a year, but if you’d still like to meet up, I can meet anywhere between La Mirada and Tustin. If you’re looking to connect with more seasoned artists, then I completely understand. Thanks for reaching out! If anyone else is near La Mirada or near the East LA area, I’d love to meet and draw with you! 🤓🙏🏽

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    Sooo sundays don't work for me and I would need to plan farther in advance if you do a Saturday, like end of June. Let me know when you plan on meeting and I'll see if I can make it work.

  • OK, News here: I have full clearance for Saturdays! That was a surprise, but maybe it will help. Either Sunday or Saturday now will be available. We could start earlier, and you could join in later in the month, Holley. Would that work for you?

    @shinjifujioka Is Saturday better for you? Either day is fine now...

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    Sundays would work better for my wife and me. I could do next Sunday, unless that's too short notice. I also don't want to exclude @holleywilliamson , so you should totally plan a Saturday if that works for everyone else.

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