Introducing Sara and Mermay WIP

  • image.jpg I am Sara.

    I have been drawing Clipart for teachers for a while now and I want to up my game. I want to do more with my art, but I am still child focused.

    I daylight in the client service world, and work on my dreams at night and before I go in for the day.

    41 year old wife to 1 and mom to 2.

    While this in my opinion looks a smidge better than awful and a brush pen is not my friend. I am working my way through the creative composition class. So if I could get feedback on the balance, focal points and composition that would be awesome.

    I think it is right heavy, but I also like the layout of the right the best.

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    Welcome Sara! =)x
    Markers are tough, you are braver than me for trying. Initially my eye is drawn to the two little girls in front. The use of the bright color helps there. Compositionally I think that if they are your focus then you should center them more on the page. If you left everyone else where they are then that one thing may fix a lot of issues. In the future, show us your thumbnail sketches so we can help before you get to a point where you have to redraw things. 🙂

  • @burvantill thanks. I got to the point where I had given up and was going to start over anyway. So this morning I really tried to determine what I liked about it and went literally back to the drawing board.


    I am still not to that point where I am yes, that is it. It’s better, but still not there.

    Maybe a different camera angle? Or maybe breakfast. ☺

  • image.jpg

    Thumbnailing really helped me wrap my brain around the illustration.

  • image.jpg

    I realize it is far from perfect. But I haven’t created anything I am proud of like this in a while.

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