Young tomato early wip questions

  • I'm trying to restrict my palette and work on being cleaner, I am illustrating Andy Richter's failed pitch in Elf about a young tomato. I like the porch but I'm not sure about the donkey and the tractor even being thereyoungtomatoweb.png

  • Hi Heather,
    Were you looking to get some feedback on the overall illustration or just the colour palette?

  • @hannahmccaffery i am always up for whatever anyone wants to contribute, honestly 😄. I'm just feeling my way around, trying to keep working in the most informed way I can

  • Well I actually quite like your composition of the hill and fence being at an angle like that, but I think the donkey is distracting you away from your great scarecrow character so maybe lose the donkey for now.
    I also couldn't really tell that that was a porch, so maybe you need to add some detail so it looks more solid and like wood, I'm also confused as to why it rising up on the left of the tomato? You could always try putting the tractor behind the fence so that the main focus is on the dog and tomato!
    Your dog and tomato character are looking great, really fun characters 🙂
    Keep having a play around, but i do like the limited palette you've got, the colours compliment each other nicely!

  • @hannahmccaffery Thank you Hannah, those are just the thoughts I needed!
    I need to make sure the newspaper and porch don't blend together. In Oklahoma the porch at the farm is always concrete slab but that made me think and since I moved to Connecticut I think almost all the porches up here are wood. I wonder why

  • @Heather-Bouteneff Oh I see, the edge that's rising up is newspaper? Yes I think going for a wooden porch would work much better and then it would separate the newspaper and porch. Plus more people relate to porches being made of wood 🙂
    If you have any sketches that you've done before going to colour then that may be more helpful to finalise your composition at first so then you're more confident when it comes to adding colour. I'm terrible at adding colour, it scares me haha! I always enjoy the planning stage more than the finish!
    Look forward to seeing more of this piece 🙂

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