Question about line work with

  • Hi everyone! I was hoping to get some quick feedback on this little spot illustration I'm working on just for fun. It's done in watercolor. My question is, would this benefit from some line work to define things, or do you like it the way it is?

    Here's also an image of the first little sketch/color study I did in my sketchbook before turning it into a watercolor:


    What do you think? Leave it as it is, or add line work? (If you have other feedback, I'll appreciate that as well!) Thank you so much!

  • Maybe you can add colored lines? you would keep the softness of the first drawing. I would keep the aquarium and water as it is. I am curious to know if others have different tips / opinions!

  • @nkdrawings I think the painting itself is strong enough without line work. I think you could shape and define the edges much better using the watercolour.

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