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  • Hi everyone.
    I’ve just finished Jake Parker’s ‘Drawing Villains and Monsters’ course, so decided to try to do a little painting with what I have learnt. I have two images attached that I produced, each with a different style of shadow. Can I have your opinions on which shadow style you think works best, either the flat shadow or the blended shadow? Personally I prefer the flat shaded style, however my fiancée says the blended one looks better and it got me thinking ‘which one is better?’
    I know it’s not the greatest drawing in the world, as I am just new to drawing, but any advice/critique would be great 😁
    38CCC889-E83A-4ED8-AB15-AEC2FF498A27.jpeg 0FA31CAA-2962-4677-94FF-41B3F5F6A221.jpeg

  • With the solid lineart, I'd say go with the flat shadow (though if you're using the selection tool to make those shadows you could always feather the edge to have the best of both worlds).

    Another option is to use both when they're called for. Cast shadows tend to be harder, form shadows tend to be softer (depending on the form, of course).

    But if you've gotta choose between the two I'd go for the flat shadow 🙂

  • @Braden-Hallett Yeah, I agree, with the solid line work then the flat shading works best in my head! I just free handed the shadows but that’s a good idea to add a feather if I was making a selection to colour it, thanks

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