Draw Stronger - dealing with aches and pains

  • Hi all, so recently I picked up a book called Draw Stronger by Kriota Willberg.

    I remember a while back a topic discussing shoulder, neck and wrist issues. Personally I've found this book very helpful. It has numerous stretches and exercises routines. It also has easy to follow explanations about what pain your experiencing and why. It also has cute little doodles.


  • @Phil-Cullen Thank you very much for sharing. It is, indeed, very important to take care of ourselves! I personally suffer from back pains when I am working to much because of my poor posture. I guess this book would be helpful ☺

  • your welcome @christinakal I was the same, my posture would not be great. I used to think oh my back aches I must be working hard. But taking timed breaks and stretching regularly, I've found I can work much longer and relatively pain free.

    One simple illustration in the book was how to sit properly. I couldn't believe how much it helped.

  • After working through 4.5 days of as much drawing as I could my hands and fingers became really sore and crampy and falling asleep. I took breaks and did some finger stretches. lols

  • Yes, we definitely need rest and a lot lot stretching!!! I started running for some time now and I was amazed of how much it helped. It gives so much energy to your muscles.

  • Thanks for posting this, I'm going to get this today I'm sure it's a huge help!

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