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  • This is a sort of "Practice Client" piece for my sister, who owns her own business and wants a Facebook Profile Background piece. I have volunteered to take a stab at it to get some practice in working within the constraints of someone else's vision. This piece is certainly a WIP and is not representative of a finished piece, but more or less a proof of concept. I am posting it in hopes of getting critiques on the both the **Concept **(whether it reads well or not) and the Conkee Project.jpg Composition.

  • This is a cool idea, i like the two illustrations themselves, but i'm not 100% sure what sort of business/service i'm looking at? Especially because the text looks like it should just be about your sister, but then you have a guy at a computer aswell.
    It's a great idea to treat this as a practice client though, and to create something that will be used on social media 🙂

  • @hannahmccaffery Thank you for your critique 🙂 I totally agree...she works with her husband together in her Lularoe business, but she is more the “branding” so to speak. I’m having trouble reconciling making the pic/words about her, but being inclusive of her husband as well...it’s been a tough nut to crack, lol
    Thanks for the feedback tho! I have a few other ideas I may explore before I submit the concepts to her, and I’ll keep your perspective in mind:) thanks again!!

  • @ewatkins09 maybe you could do 4 separate spot illustrations of her? so the first one is her with her husband at the computer, the second with her child, third doing something entrepreneur-y and then the fourth relaxing in a chair with a cup of tea or something? that would look cool as a facebook banner and you could still put the text underneath each illustration 🙂 just an idea anyway!

  • @hannahmccaffery Phenominal Idea!! Thanks!! 🙂

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