How to rank your art store & SEO Q&A

  • I know a number of you sell your art as either originals or prints. A question I get asked a lot as a digital marketer is "how can I rank my art store in Google?".

    You have probably searched "SEO for artists" or something similar, but the results you have gotten have likely been mediocre. However, you need to think of your art store as an e-commerce store (because, really, it is).

    If you were to search "E-Commerce SEO" the results would be far more valuable.

    What prompted this new thread, was a recent blog post by a prominent digital marketer I follow. The blog post is on E-Commerce SEO, and it goes into a TON of detail.

    You can find it here:

    Now this article is targeting people like me with an SEO background. But there is a ton of really interesting tips and information that I think could really help artists who have their own store.

    I am aware that there will be A LOT of stuff you might not understand, and might not be applicable to you. I thought I would use this opportunity to answer any questions either regarding SEO, or something mentioned in this article.

    Fire away.


  • The ranking plays a big role in SEO to improve the rank of your website. There is totally depend upon on-page and off-page activity. And this is the process to rank your art store. We’ve services for Website Development and Designing, SEO Services London and Digital Marketing Strategies and much more.

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