Epic painting critique 2

  • Here is an updated quick sketch of a painting I’ll be doing. Wanting some input on composition. As it stands I will already be changing the floating ship to a 3/4 angle with the nose facing left.

    I am currently not very happy with the glass work on the green house or the windmill.

    I am going for a steam punk element with the whole structure having been built from salvaged parts and stuff. For reference on who built the home I included a character sketch of the inventor. I’m excited to dive into the details and mechanics.

    ![alt text](da536019-0656-4be3-a603-529bf6a9ac34-image.jpeg image url)FullSizeRender.jpg

    ![alt text](10f49175-dcf6-4bc7-817b-6b44f51a9887-image.jpeg image url)


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