Favorite classes

  • Hi guys! I’m Alex! I’ve been taking SVS classes for a few months now and i was wondering what your favorite SVS classes are? What assignments from the classes have benefited you the most? What have you done to gain the most benefit from the classes?

  • What a great question! I am excited to see others' answers. I am fairly new to SVS too, but so far I really loved How to Draw Everything by Jake Parker. It's a great class to learn or review the basics of perspective, 3D shapes, and building up a drawing from nothing. All the exercises in that class were helpful!

  • My introduction into drawing for the first time seriously in life was the "How to Draw Everything" course - and it was the best thing I could have done!

  • One of my favorites has been "Visualizing Drawing in Perspective". Also, "Creative Composition" is really insightful. "How to Draw Everything" has a ton of exercises to try. I also think the "Drawing Fundamentals" course has a ton of interesting and useful information, though I found it a bit difficult to follow.

  • There are a ton of great classes here and I have barely gotten started. Hard to pick a favorite since the topics can be so different. If forced to pick only one course it would probably be Creative Composition.

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