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     I've never used this forum before.  I wanted to share my Poe submission (which I already submitted, btw)  just to see what feedback I could get even though it's too late :-)  How can I upload the picture from my files?  I don't see anyway to do it.  Thanks.  Maybe I should just wait until next month since I already submitted it.

    Oh! Maybe I should introduce myself. I'm Marsha Owen. I'm 58 years old and the mother of 4 grown children and one adorable
    almost 2 year old boy.. I have illustrated two published books. One is a ABC picture book and the other is a middle school historical novel and I am now trying to learn what I didn't know...kind of going backwards. I've been taking the Illustrating Children's Book's class and looking at a couple of others. The more I learn, I find, the less I know 🙂 Or should I say, the more errors I see in my art 🙂
    I don't have any drawing skills on the computer so my work is traditional-mostly watercolor and ink. I am a member of scbwi. That's enough.

  • If you want to upload a picture you'll see some icons above the type box when you're posting or replying. It would be the last one with an arrow pointing up. You'll be prompted to choose a file from your pictures which you can sort through easily. Select one and click Open and it should upload below your text. 🙂 Hope that helps!

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    poebookcover.jpg Oh! It worked 🙂 Thanks!

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