WIP for Big

  • I have been thinking about Big for the month. My father deals with depression and this is his 6th time through it. So I was approaching Big as having a Big heart for my father, or Big hug. But where I started with a hug I made this thumbnail sketch, 5th one. My father is also dealing with anxiety and insomnia (both of which I experience so I understand those ones).

    I really wanted to create height (the face came in after) and create the emotional drama with gesture first and setting second. Environment started as a mountainous desert and then moved into a beast of a structure.

    Thanks, oh and I apologise for the size -I did make the image small but I guess it didn't work the way I thought it would -any help on that for future thumbnails would be great!

    BIG Thumbnail .jpg

  • Nice! I like the idea. That depression/anxiety monster'll look frightening, I think.

  • So I have gone back to the mountains for now instead of the face (I still like that idea). However I wanted to give the feeling over arching and overwhelming presence with rock formations right now. But I have a question: I have a number (7) of rock formations coming together and struggling with vanishing points and perspective - below. Can I have a successful work with more than one '3 point perspective'? If I had # 2 and 3 like 1 it look weird. I hope you guys can interpret my lines (which are getting better -thanks to this project). Thanks!

    BIG 02.5 .jpg

  • WIP I went back to idea one because it's enough of a challenge for me in the shorter time that I have to complete it by the end of January (4 days). 🙂 Please forgive my scribble light source (top right). I do have a question on shading the interior mouth of my castle beast - if it looks right? -it boggles my mind a bit. I plan to add smaller rocks and snow, have a deep winter colour scheme (that way it isn't too far off black and white) and add some texture brushes hopefully.

    BIG Getting Through .jpg


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