Master Studies Homework Buddy? (Composition and Env classes)

  • @ThisKateCreates Then I watched Jake Parker’s tip on not having to include all the students in the back, and I forgot about vanishing points lols.

  • @Heather-Boyd Happens. It does help to have a go, look at what they say, then doover I think though.

  • 21 Days ago wow -so putting aside Alice for a bit I have managed to get to the MASTER Copy Study drawing and composition. So I chose Kamil Murzyn who is a Polish Fantasy Artist and Author. You can find his work here:

    I really love his Shadow Pass Environments but chose a composition with characters, a bit of architecture and lots of environment πŸ™‚ . So instead I went with his Necromancer's Tower, Shadow Pass Town. I have completed the thumbnail and composition stage and will post the finishing drawing early next week.

    Necromancer's Tower, Shadow Pass Town -MASTER COPY Drawing and Composition.jpg

    MASTER COPY Composition (6.4 by 3.53).jpg

    It has really help me gained a little confidence with my preliminary character shapes.


  • This has taken me 3 1/2 days of cramming in, with two migraines and a handful of sore and cramped fingers. I still need to do a final clean line version -but I am ex-tactic how it resembles it - not perfect. I have a very new appreciation for comic style/ book artists -wasn't my idea and yet took a lot of hours. πŸ™‚

    MASTER COPY SKETCH DONE (6.4 by 3.53).jpg

  • @Heather-Boyd What a nice style this guy has! I can see why you choose him ad reference! Great work!!!

  • Just completed it! My index finger went to sleep several times. So happy it is done -now for the last assignment. Thanks πŸ™‚


  • @Heather-Boyd I hadn't logged onto the forums lately so I missed the progress! Great work!
    I'll be back doing studies here after I finish a separate class I'm doing but it's great to see your hard work. Super encouraging and love your study.

  • @ThisKateCreates

    Thank you and absolutely no problem. The Salamander and Squirrel work will not be completed by me this month but I have the general gist -I plan to work through it and environment roughly the same time. I have to finish up Night 4 With Guy and review the video on Emphasis (I watched it but didn't take notes).

    What separate class are you taking -I'm curious?

  • @Heather-Boyd I'm taking a class that's a bit more fantasy realism focused. It's through SMART School which I'd seen on the muddy colors blog. It's kinda like a small group mentorship and between that and some large projects I've been a bit AWOL here. XD I feel like the classes here are great but I've wanted to do this one for a long time so taking the opportunity while I can.

  • While awaiting Discord Group for CED -took a digital stab at the first workbook exercise. However Photoshop is tad bothering me and won't allow my hard brush to remain off on Transfer Pen Pressure, i.e reason for my black mark making is not solid.

    Anyways looking SUPER forward to CED Group.

    CEDC Workbook 01-1.jpg

    NR -No Reference
    R-Reference (video super helpful -part way through it).