Bad posture --> injury

  • Hi, me again with more questions!
    Since Saturday, my back/shoulder/neck is killing me. I could barely move for a day, let alone work.
    That's the second time in the last year. Coincidentally since I've started drawing and digital painting more frequently. So not much doubt about what causes it.
    I try to keep a good posture when working, re-tips seen on the internet, but I'd like to know if you do anything in particular to avoid strains/injuries.
    stretching exercises perhaps? if so, which ones?
    or would buying a slant board (don't know if this is the right term) be worth it?
    any advice welcome!

  • @audrey-dowling I try and pause every 20 minutes. Stretching helps a lot to. If it gets worse, give it a rest for a view days. I now an artist who started working left-handed because of this problem. Do you work with a mouse? investing in a cintiq monitor might help, its the best for me, working whit a mouse always gets me in troubles as well. good luck, hope this helps a bit.

  • SVS OG

    I have recently been dealing with the exact same problem with my neck/shoulders. Being taller I was definitely finding myself hunched over my cintiq all the time. So last week I starting looking up things that I could use to elevate it to a better working height and I came across an adjustable laptop stand made by a company called furrino (but there are many different ones out there). You can find it at here:

    It is lightweight and has locking joints that you can adjust to make it work in many different heights and configurations. For example, it can be used to create a standing desk, or to adjust the surface to a better height when I am seated at my desk. I am finding this to be so much better as I can now work more upright .

    I am not sure what sort of setup you may have, but maybe something like this might also be of help to you as well!

    2015-10-30 16.21.45.jpg

  • @Leontine you're right, I should also take more breaks. I work on an Intuos 4, better than a mouse but not as good as a cintiq. I don't have the money to get one right now unfortunately.

    @Rich Green that looks interesting. can you draw on paper, sketchbook etc... with that kind of stand? Is it sturdy enough?
    I saw this simple (and cheap) board as well: maybe it would help until I can invest in something better...
    I'd say it would definitely improve my drawing as well: I often find that my illustrations, once seen upright, don't have the perspective and proportions I intended because I drew them flat. they appear longer
    problem is it looks very bulky 😕

  • @audrey-dowling I have the board you're talking about - the Reeves one. I use it for live caricature mainly. It's definitely sturdy enough. I've carted it around a load of venues, indoors and out and it's still as good as the day I got it.


  • Also, I can't really speak for injury as I seem to be invincible. I started playing guitar at 6, from the age of 13 I quit school (without my parent's knowledge) so I could play guitar 10-12 hours every day. Did that for years, had a successful career playing the guitar in which again, I was playing for a good 10-12 hours most days and never ever had any repetitive strain injuries or anything. All of my peers warmed up, took precautions and everything like that, but I didn't. Now I draw like a madman.


    P.S. I know that saying that is a precursor to me coming on here next week and complaining of carpel tunnel syndrome, but hey ho - live dangerously haha.

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    @audrey-dowling due to the texture of the metal surface (and the venting holes in it etc) it is really more suited for laptops/tablets/devices. But in terms of it being sturdy I was quite pleased with how sturdy it is (especially because it is so light weight). However with that said, I think the wooden easel you are looking is likely a much better choice for what you are going to use it for.

  • @Rich-Green Just another remark regarding the drawing board - I've used a Cintiq 13HD on that stand a bunch too, as it's apparent that the stand that comes with the Cintiq was made out of steaming piles of hot street trash lol.


  • so it will still be useful when I finally get a cintiq, good to know
    regarding to sprains, you are very lucky ace. I just need to think about one and there I have it! :p

  • @audrey-dowling Stop posting about them on a public forum then where the sole purpose of the post is to think about them haha.


  • This post is deleted!

  • @audrey-dowling Rich Green has great advice. But also check out Amazon and for other models and prices! Also check out Ebay for tablets. But also check out the sellers reputations, feedback and ratings!

  • I had a shoulder neck injury from doing massage and have since made about 80% recovery, but can never do that work again. I notice more now how working with your arms in front of your body can affect your joint health. I have to take many breaks for stretches, especially stretching the pecs and forearm. I suggest going on you tube and looking for stretches advised for computer workers as well as gamers to avoid any wrist damage. I have to bring my screen close to me also, so I don't forget and catch myself leaning forward.

    Taking care of yourself is the best way to be in this type of sitting work. It may seem counter intuitive, but lifting some weights in the morning before you work will help warm you up and get blood flow, strengthen and build your stamina.

  • SVS OG

    If you're a member of scbwi, there is a list of tae kwondo exercises written in it for writers. I'm sure they would be beneficial for illustrators too. Maybe you could google tae kwon do for writers and see what comes up.

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    I started doing yoga this morning in hopes that it'll prolong my illustration career. Crossing my fingers that it'll be effective.

    @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen said:

    If you're a member of scbwi, there is a list of tae kwondo exercises written in it for writers. I'm sure they would be beneficial for illustrators too. Maybe you could google tae kwon do for writers and see what comes up.

    Does SCBWI really have tae kwondo exercises???

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