Hello from Finland!

  • Hi all!
    I found SVS a bit randomly when googling "drawing with ink" and luckily decided to enroll to a course. Now I've sat through both How to ink and How to ink 2.0 by Jake Parker, and tried my best practicing.

    This seems like a really nice and friendly place to present one's art. Looking forward to hang around more and see your creations! I haven't published any of my works here (yet), but you can check my insta-account if you're curious. If I get a good idea I might try my luck with the monthly challenges.

    My "weapons of choice" in art are ink and watercolours (at the moment) as they're quick to use and easy to store. And also very versatile & expressive! My art goal for this year would be simply: create more art. And learn to draw humans...

    By for now 👋 🙂

  • @laura Nice to meet you! I love ink and watercolor. A lot of fun to use. My fave is probably oils but they tend to be a pin to setup for something quick. XD

  • @laura Welcome. Glad you found your way here. I am big fan of line and ink and adding watercolor is always a wonderful bonus as well.

    Your stuff looks very fun. Fun characters and beautiful line work. I can't wait see more.

    Welcome again.

  • Welcome! Glad you're here. I'm relatively new too, but I can definitely confirm the community is great, and you'll get back every ounce that you give and then some 😃 Looking forward to seeing your work!


  • Hei Hei Laura! Welcome!

  • Hi Laura and welcome to the forum!
    I loved Finland when I visited a few years ago, such a beautiful country and SUCH clean trains haha! Your work looks lovely on instagram, look forward to seeing more of your stuff 😃

  • @thiskatecreates I used to paint with oil colours for a short while years ago, but like you said the setting up (and storing the unfinished work) was a pain in the you know where! 😀

    @hannahmccaffery haha I don't know if the trains here are that clean but the hard lighting and colour choices (white, grey, green, in the newer trains) make them seem like sterile operating rooms...

    Thanks for the welcome, everyone!

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