What if we were given story prompts once in awhile?

  • We have the illustration prompts which are great. What if we had writing prompts on occasion too? Maybe just a couple times a year or so? It might be fun to share those ideas too.

  • I am doing this with my five year old niece who is learning story writing in kindergarten. I’m sending her a picture with a story prompt each month and she has to write a story based on the prompt and picture. I haven’t finished the picture to go with it yet but this month’s prompt will be “All bats turn left when leaving a cave .... except for Evelyn.”

  • @demotlj That is a fantastic prompt!

  • We have a similar competition here in the Philippines hosted by Illustrador ng Kabataan (I.N.K. or Illustrators of the children). They held it every year and they present the participants a painting and have them write a whole children’s book from it. I’ve always wanted to join but I could never finish a book. Hehe. This would be a fun prompt to have.

  • The Third Thursday prompts used to be more story based, but they have moved away from that. There were some nice things about those prompts, but I find I personally prefer the one word prompts. Doing some of each wouldn't be a bad thing, though.

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