Playing around with my 2 year old tablet ans clipstudio

  • SVS OG

    Well, today I ventured to try out my little huion tablet with clipstudio pro (neither of which I know how to use very well) but, I'm stuck inside sick and thought I'd just play around with it. I did three little sketches and then my pen stopped for whatever reason I have no idea how to fix so I turned it off for now). The two I'm going to share were the best. The third is pretty hilarous of my poor sick husband on a chair with his laptop. His body is way too small and his head is whacko but....I'll keep it around just for fun. It was like one of those contour line exercises that we have probably all done.

    Anyway, I thought I'd use these other 2 for writing prompts for future poems or stories I might write.

    Black Branch and Cold and Wind are the titles (I guess the titles could be used for drawing prompts too...if you can't think of anything to draw right now 🙂

    0_1546557139487_black branch.jpg

    0_1546557160997_cold and wind.jpg

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