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  • Hey my SVS buddies!! I'm jumping into 2019 by revamping my whole portfolio. (Wahoo, it's about time!!) I'm planning a complete revamp to solidify my voice and style. (Wish me luck... I've been jumping around "style stealing" for far too long.)

    I've signed myself up for a local illustrators conference and I'll need to show my work in an 11x14 portfolio.

    Since this is not a digital portfolio, I'd like the layout and flow to be smooth and consistent. My question for all of you is:

    Should I keep all of my vertical illustrations grouped together, and then group all the horizontal ones next (to minimize rotating the portfolio??)

    I just finished watching the video about "How to Perfect Your Children's Book Portfolio" Which was great, but it didn't necessarily address how to organize all your images when you are done.

    Anyone want to share their portfolio preferences?? I'd love to hear about how you decide what piece goes where!

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    @artwithashley I have not put together an illustration portfolio yet, but I have some personal preferences and opinions based on my experience putting together a graphic design portfolio. If you can limit rotating the portfolio too often that's great, but I would not make it a priority. I think your first priority would be grouping illustrations that belong together - that demonstrate a particular skill or that are from the same project. Flow of concepts and skills is far more important than orientation.

    I watched the video below by Laura Price just last week that you may find helpful (if you haven't seen it already):


  • @inkandspatter - Thanks for the link!! What a fun and colorful portfolio Laura has. (I haven't heard of her before, so now I have some fun new art videos to watch. Thanks!!) I think I will take your advice and group things together that make the most sense for skill and subject matter.

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