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  • Hey all, haven't posted anything for some time. I started at a new school in September and I think every germ in the school has it out for me. So, a bit late but here's a little Christmas illustration to put you in the mood for next's only 362 days away...
    As always, comments and crits welcome and appreciated.
    0_1546017340994_2018 Xmas1paint2.jpg

  • Hi RHirsch,
    nice style you got there. What i would change - not scaling the mice as a whole object, instead draw it smaller with the same thickness of the ink as the rest of the objects. So that there will be no difference in the ink line thickness. Sorry for my english 😉

  • @marcel1980 Yeah, that was tricky. I lost so much detail in the mice trying to ink with the same line that i reduced the pen size. Maybe if I scaled up the size of the mice? Worth a shot, thanks.

  • I think either scaling up or simplifying them some. If you want to get SUPER technical here, your mice could be about half the size of your squirrel and still communicate as mice, so you do have some room to fudge there. I love the overall piece, though. The style and simplicity is great. It's got some Watterson vibe to it that I like quite a bit 🙂

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