Do you schedule instagram?

  • So I watched the video about getting followers. For me I know I need to post better work. Some of that is giving up the bad photos and some is being a bit less half ass about whether I finish something. But I was also thinking about promising myself to post x times a week. I used to just post my practice painting each week and randomly during the week if i felt like. Debating a once a week or several days a week goal.

    Do you guys set a weekly goal or schedule? Do you find it impacts how interested people are?

    I don't think I'm nearly at a pro level yet but would like to see my art improve enough where I get over 100 followers and people enjoy it. I would like to also be able to sell some originals in the next year.. Not necessarily online but I want to achieve the level where my art is worth a small sum of dollars to other humans. XD I think regular posting could help me get better and reach those improvement goals by encouraging me to make more finished images.

  • @thiskatecreates I do think it is better on Instagram if you post regularly and you will get more followers,but I don’t think it is really possible for artists due to the amount of time finishing a piece . I find if I am trying do one piece of art a week for Instagram it starts to get rushed and I ruin things.😀

  • @dottyp I like to do lots of small studies so it's a reasonable goal for me. You're work is more nicely rendered so I can see where that wouldn't work for it though.

  • @thiskatecreates Thank you and if you can post more often i would definitley go for it.You should also add your instagram to your profile here so people can follow

  • I can't figure out Instagram. I try to post at least 3x a week and have only seen minimal growth. Recently, I have seen big Insta-artists recently claim that Instagram is broken for them. @ericanthonyj recently said he was gaining roughly 2k followers daily, and now, he's gaining less than 200 followers a day and losing followers some days. It seems Instagram changed something with their algorithm within the past few months maybe?

    Some general advice: fan-art is a great way to attract followers, participate in challenges and trends, post consistently (e.g. every Monday, Wednesday, Friday), and try to take note of what successful artists do (Jake Parker is a mastermind of this stuff and hits many of the notes I mentioned).

    I follow a few artists that post less-than-professional work, but they seem to be growing. Their posts are all very similar in style, format, and content. For example, they will post a bust of a superhero with a yellow circle as a background. It's not the greatest art, but it is very predictable with a slight variation, which I think people like. Others that I have seen grow from amateur-level artwork were people who posted controversial (often NSFW) material, and people who engage with their followers by asking good questions or sharing their emotions often.

    Sorry to be all doom and gloom, but I really hope an alternative to Instagram surfaces soon. It is flooded with artists, and it's tough for us up-and-comers to find a following. I really hope more people jump in on this conversation, because I think it's a valuable topic.

  • I use planoly because I post social media for our family business also. It is nice and you can use it for free with one account. If you have multiple you will have to pay. As a stay at home mom, I just don’t have the quantity of material to post 3 x a week. I am lucky to post once a week. With that being said, I have noticed that fan art and art that is for certain big events like Inktober gets more likes than anything else, and surprisingly, pictures that include my face are some of my most popular posts. I have no idea why, but maybe it’s just the human element. 🤷♀️ I think I only have around 530 followers so maybe I’m not the best person to give advice. 😂

  • I just passed 50 followers this month. XD So you are an order of magnitude ahead of me. I can make a drawing most days right now, but don't know that will last. I could do 3x a week drawings but not paintings.

  • @kristin-wauson Also, thank you for the suggestion. I want to try it!

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