Introduction from Andy

  • Hello there! I'm Andrew! although most people call me Andy. I first learned about SVS by watching some of Jake Parker's videos and listening to the 3 point perspective podcasts and finally decided to create an account on the forums. I've been drawing off and on my whole life but haven't really taken it very seriously up until recently. I've taken drawing classes in college so I at least have some basics down, but definitely have room for improvement. I have my own struggles with my journey in illustration (as anyone who pursues any artistic venture.) Mine at the moment seem to be breaking myself of certain drawing conventions that I know don't work. But I remain hopeful in gaining some insight with perhaps sharing some of my own within the SVS community! If you're curious about some of my work, I am on Instagram @thebloatedtoad

    Thanks! and happy drawing!

  • @andy126 Welcome to the forums 🙂 Lookin' forward to seeing your art at some point.

  • SVS OG

    @andy126 Hi, Andy! Welcome to the forum. I hope yuo’ll like it here.

  • @andy126

    Hi Andy! Welcome to the forum!

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