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  • Hi, everyone! I just started my course How To Draw Everything on SVS, and I am new to this forum. I was looking at some of the other posts here, and I saw a lot of artwork that was way better than mine. I want to post my first two drawings from the course. What do you think?

    0_1544758617014_Scan0053.jpg )

  • Welcome to the site

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    @monnie Welcome to the forum! I am fairly new here as well, but I have found it to be an excellent place to view work and get critiques. As far as feeling like other’s artwork is better than yours, I look at artwork that is better than mine every single day and I think that is a good thing! It keeps me motivated and helps me get better.

    The drawing that you posted is immediately recognizable as ‘skull chaser’ which is good. The line work is a little shaky (mine was too), but stay with the intro courses and that should change pretty quick!

  • Hello new memeber 🙂

    Welcome to the site. If you keep watchin' those videos and engage in the forum for feedback and such you'll improve by leaps and bounds.

    Nice work so far!

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