Granny Can't Find Her Glasses Thumbnails

  • This is a really lovely story idea, everyone loves a good Granny story and it made me smile - i particularly like the dog and cat too, but I agree with @JeaneBean about adding a little grandchild in there too! Your initial drawings are charming and really compliment the story 🙂
    Maybe the story could be told from the perspective of the grandchild too as your poem is lovely but there are a couple of parts that don't flow as nicely as others, maybe something like this...
    "My Granny can't find her glasses,
    and now she's lost her keys!
    She can't find a tissue,
    and she really has to sneeze!

    Her right sock is missing,
    And so is her left shoe,
    She's meant to be going shopping
    but what is she to do?

    She looks inside her handbag,
    and rifles through her drawer,
    she peers under the sofa
    and looks behind the door.

    The dog and I start looking,
    and so does Sid (?) the Cat,
    but what is that poking
    out from Granny's big red hat?

    Hurray! Granny found her glasses,
    so now she can see!
    Here's her box of tissues
    and here are her keys!

    Her stocking was in her left shoe..."
    (Sorry I can't seem to read the rest)

    Look forward to seeing where you take it 🙂

  • SVS OG

    @marsha-kay-ottum-owen I'm really enjoying this and looking forward to seeing the paintings. (And if you changed it from glasses to keys, you'd be describing my life.)

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