PP WIP- in the mood for hedgehogs

  • @Jiří-Kůs thanks!

  • and the latest one leontine gaasenbeek hedgehog 5.jpg

  • Super! Sehr schön.😊

  • SVS OG

    @Leontine there are so many things to like about this piece 🙂 I love the way you’ve lit the scene, the way the moonlight shines through the leaves…the feel of glow from the lamp, also the design of the glowworm and the pencil texture 🙂 I think the moon is great. But the leaves do bother me, for a few reasons…the scene feels very still, like there is no wind, so less likely for leaves to fall….I actually don’t think you need the leaves in the composition even though they are beautifully drawn…though they do tie in with the brown of the hedgehog….maybe if at the top there was a branch visible with more leaves, to show where the falling leaves are coming from…I know that might be tricky to work in now you’ve taken the piece this far…if you extended the top of the frame then a branch could curve round and frame the picture nicely…just an idea though…

    Other thing, the bush behind the glowworm might look better with more leafy texture on it…the glow from the lamp might catch some leaf outlines a bit more….maybe also by the hedgehog’s foot, could have a little more ground/grassy texture to show that it’s natural…..sorry this sounds like a lot of things! Just ideas, and really overall it is a lovely piece 🙂

    PS. Wrote this comment before seeing latest version…the added texture/light on the hedgehog looks great 🙂

  • I really enjoy this piece the lighting is great! yes I agree leaves are a bit distracting to me as well. I think It might work if you actually make them fall a bit in distant because right now I am seeing one of the leaves is close to the size of the moon which kind of competing with each other. Banding trees a bit to the right might help to suggest sense of wind if you still want the leaves to be there.

  • @Leontine Yeah, it's definitely tying together now!

    The leaf above the hedgehog's head on first quick read looks like a ginormous leaf and that it's going behind the tree because of the same values of the leaf/tree and the brown thing in-between the trees that looks like it's the end of the stem of the leaf. It's not until you look at it that you notice it's two separate objects and in-front of the tree.

    I'd maybe make the leaves smaller too.

    It's really looking gorgeous now though!


  • Another thing too, if you squint your eyes, the biggest contrast is the secondary light hitting the spikes from the moon. That seems to jump out a little too much for me and because of the contrast becomes the focal point, so I'd tone down that light a bit so it doesn't distract from the face 🙂


  • Loving everything you've done so far! the soft playfulness of this piece is very charming!
    My only suggestion right now would be to curl the tail of the glow worm to the front. This way that bright light is not behind/away from the two character's faces, dragging the eyes away from their interaction. Make sense? Hope this helps!

  • @Rachael-Moody thanks!

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  • @Dulcie @Ace-Connell, @Naroth-Kean @Rachael-Moody @Jana, Thank you all so much for your kind comments. Later on this week Ill take it up, for now: of to work on the next project!

  • Hi everyone! Hi Leontine! @leontine
    I followed your invitation to draw hedgehogs. 🙂 Laridk (@laridk) mentioned Beatrix Potter in another thread, what brought me the idea to draw Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle. I used this chance to go on in practicing setting light and shadow. Now I noticed that she does not look spiny enough around the face, or? Any critics is very welcome! 🙂
    Mrs Twiggy Twickels Beatrix Potter.jpg

  • @Jana Hi Jana, What a lovely Tiggy Winkle she is! Did you work on it in Illustrator? Really like the spikes!

  • Thanks, Leontine (@leontine). Glad you like it. 🙂
    This is done in GIMP. I made the line work traditionally and colored the scanned image digitally. When I need straight lines or smooth curves I use the path tool. When I make a piece purely digitally, I also make my line work with the path tool.
    The funny thing is, I have PS for a while, but I am so adapted to GIMP that I hesitate to make the step towards PS. 🙂 When I tried PS I was so stressed, because I could not find easily what I usually like to use in GIMP, that I thought: Okay, let's do this later and go back to your comfort zone. 😉

  • Here's a render of some creatures that I did (in 3D) back in 2012: Lothario the Lion, Nummi the Hedgehog and Madame Ruzzlelini RaccoonLotharioNummiRuzzleWEB.jpg

  • I'm a bit late to the party, but I really love how your Hedgehog piece turned out, Leontine. The way you've handled the reflected light from the lantern and the moon really adds depth, in my opinion!

    Just to join the fun, here's a little hedgehog I had fun with back in the winter...


  • @Leontine nice work! 😉
    I love it! 🙂

  • @smoke said:

    @Leontine nice work! 😉
    I love it! 🙂 Thank you Jean!

  • @Samalah Thats a really nice hedgehog! Thanks for sharing!

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