Critique- Painting with Color and Light

  • Hi guys! I’m new here & I’m looking for critiques for my lighting exercise from “Painting With Color and Light.”
    Not sure if this is the best way to post this type of thing?

  • Hi, cool idea. I like how you are exploring different color and lighting situations. A lot of time we just pick our light source and go for it, more then luckily it's just a bland happy sunny day. I am guilty of this.

    Its so cool all the different moods you captured by just trying different lighting setups. my favorite is the bottom right with the yellowish underflow with the purple mushroom tops. The ground of that one looks a bit off like it doesn't quite match with the mushrooms. The contrast of the yellow and brown of the ground should be more subtle.
    I love this idea though and it will only make you more aware of color and light. Great job!

  • @bobszesnat Thanks so much for your kind words! That bottom right one is supposed to be a lava flow. Maybe I didn’t add enough light coming off of the lava to make it obvious?

  • @alicia Ok that makes more sense. I looked up some images of lava to see what it looks like. The dark rock islands look much cooler in tone.

    lava melting rock

    Here is a paint over of what that might look like. The cooler tone of the rock makes your mushrooms stand out more and look a little bit more like they belong in that scene.

    0_1544202951018_Alicias orginal lava mushrooms paint over ground.jpg

  • Thanks! I figured the rock would be affected by the light from the lava & so would be warm too, but I guess not. That does explain why I was having trouble getting it to look the way I expected. Thanks you!