Poblems with watching the newer courses

  • Hi.
    I've been having some issues with a few of the latest courses, namely "Drawing with Digital Pencils", "How to Ink", "Visual Storytelling Techniques", and now "Sketchbook Painting". I don't know if the resolution is higher or if they are using less compression but I can't watch without the video buffering every 5 to 10 seconds effectively doubling the run time, making them hard to follow and basically unwatchable. The older videos run just fine for me.

    Hopefully this can be taken into consideration for future videos.


  • I agree. I'm almost certain it's to do with the compression. If you look at sites like YouTube, they're able to stream smoothly at 1080p and even 4K but their server costs and streaming development probably cost more than everyone on the forum's annual income lol.

    I don't know how SVS are delivering their content, but videos aren't as secure as they could be and you're right, the streaming it terrible. I'm in the UK and where I am, internet speeds suck so that doesn't help either, but I do think they need to come up with other solution and maybe use something like Amazon S3 to make the videos more secure and take advantage of Amazon's streaming tech.


  • SVS Team

    You guys are on the right track. Our new classes are running at 24 frames per second whereas our old ones were running at 15 frames. Our streaming service can't handle certain internet providers and this coupled with our newer bigger classes is what is causing the issues. But good news on that front. We are switching to a new player soon which should fix this completely. In the meantime if you are unable to watch the classes you want email me at svslearninfo@gmail.com and I will sort you out.

  • Hi there, what about the Live Critiques. I see where you can buy them but does that mean it isn't available for viewing like the other courses? It was done on Sept 22. part of the most enjoyable things for me when I attended the courses was the critiques so I have tried to watch it several times but am I doing something wrong? Thanks Dyann

  • SVS Team

    Some people missed those sessions. And we wanted to upload them when we had it all done. But we are going to launch it soon anyways.

  • @Aaron, Wanted to let you guys know I just watched "Visual Storytelling Techniques" without any problems. The new player seems to work great.

  • SVS Team

    Awwwwwweeeeeesssssssssssooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeee! So glad you are having success. Hopefully we will have it completely setup tomorrow.

  • @Aaron FYI. I can view all the videos except the two live critique sessions. Those are still not working for me. Also, the video line-up for each class is out of order so you have to select each individually. The "view all" button will play them, but they are out of proper info sequence.

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