Any Australian Artists Here?

  • Shoutout to my fellow Aussies. Let us know where you are from.

    I'll be moving to Brisbane sometime early next year, and have family in Newcastle and Sydney. I'm always keen to meet fellow artists 🙂

    So where is everyone from?

  • Yep, I'm in Sydney. Brisbane has a few things going on, it will be interesting to hear how you go getting illo work.

  • Is Australia real? Flat earthers don't believe exists 🙂

  • @rcartwright Oh, it's real, but in order to survive, you have to have great upper body strength. Holding on to the bottom of Earth, with oblivion below you, can get tiring...especially when you need one hand to draw.

  • @daviesdesignated Nice. Yeah I grew up in Castle Hill (when Kellyville was still farmland). Where about in Sydney?

    Brisbane looks like it has a pretty good animation and illustration scene. I'm looking to use my management and marketing experience to pivot into a role in some of the creative companies there. Once I've built a portfolio, I plan to pivot into a more creative role.

  • @nathan PIVOT!

  • @nathan In Lane Cove currently and work in Crows Nest.
    My advice to you is to do as much work to master your craft in your spare time as possible. If you have an idea for an IP or something, that's a great start. depends on what style or part of the illo world you want to get into, you can work towards it.
    It took me about two years to build a folio of work, doing personal work and also caricatures for other people.
    I did inktober a few years ago and a cool book project has come of it, just from pushing myself to think of things to draw.

    All of it has come in handy with speed, technique and folio. So when i apply for illo tasks, people can see what i'm capable of. It's landed me a few really nice jobs in the last year. That's been my journey so far.
    I wish you luck!

  • @daviesdesignated Cheer mate. Yeah, I'm spending about 2 hours a day drawing and refining my craft. I've got a couple of IP ideas, and will likely start them next year.

    I'm not 100% sure what area I want to go, but I'm consistently trying stuff, seeing what I like and what I want to pursue. So far, I definitely prefer illustration over traditional fine art (where I started). I love storytelling, evoking emotion and exploring experience.

    I definitely want to get studio work, at least at first, but ultimately I want to live off my own IP eventually. With my experience with digital marketing and running my own business, I'm confident I can do this, I just need to refine my art skills.

    Next time I'm in Sydney, we should catch up for a coffee. I'd love to hear what you've been up to and where you want to go.

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