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    I have two more characters to do. They are not for pay. This was basically copied from a picture my friend sent and I put her friend's face in it. Just wondering if I could get some input on anything that might be so far off that it hurts 😉 I am taking the proko figure drawing class and still in the bean stage so, I hope to improve. I don't think this is too awful. Is the face too small or the hood too big? Drawovers are welcome. Thanks! I need this and one more finished before Christmas.

  • Hi there, I think you've forgotten to attach the image?

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    0_1543934898980_47579637_10216472660902570_6094050421083471872_o (1).jpg

    Oops! forgot images. Here is the first one I posted and then the one I redid after getting a suggestion on Proko Figure Drawing facebook page. The second one I redrew the figure without clothes and then added them. I think it does look better. The pose might be weird though. Anyway, comments more than welcome.
    0_1543935318831_47375040_10216473861412582_7388293705691561984_o (1).jpg

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen In general you need to focus on you 3-d form construction. My suggestion is to draw you character with cubes and cylinders only and post that. Let the forum help you from the ground up so to speak. Forget about details until the foundation is in place.

  • I think your reworked pose does look much stronger. Nice!

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    @kathrynadebayo Thanks.

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    @rcartwright Well, that happens to be the next lesson on Proko so that will be perfect! 🙂 I have another one too that I should probably share. It looks okay to me but...I may be wrong. I'll post it later after I get this one. Thanks!

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