Slowvember Process

  • Loooong time no see, SVS! I've only participated in one contest before, but after months of working like crazy, I decided to tackle Slowvember! My personal goal was simply to take my time on a single illustration. I wanted both the image and process to be relaxed and deliberate, instead of rushed to make a deadline. So to me, slow means a) taking more than a day to do a painting and b) walking arm-in-arm through the snow.

    0_1543620382244_Melonian Winter.jpg

    Below are some notes/revisions I made along the way, if anybody's curious. I was inspired by a few vintage magazine covers, but I still wanted it to have my style. I used W&N Cotman watercolors for the sketches, and then Paul Rubens watercolors for the final illustration
    0_1543620572568_Melonian Winter IG 5.jpg
    0_1543620922203_Melonian Winter IG 6.jpg
    2_1543620572568_Melonian Winter IG 7.jpg
    3_1543620572569_Melonian Winter IG 8.jpg
    (Glad to be back in these forums!)

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